Tor-tor dance

Tor-tor dance is originated from North Sumatera as a religious dance to praise lord upon a successful thing. It is an expression gratitude to a harvest and other successful things in society life.

Kipas dance

Kipas dance is originated from Riau. It is a dynamic and fascinating dance expresses love in teenage girls life approaching to be adult.

Trunajaya dance

This dance illustrates the mood of Balinese youth in facing their future. Self confidence is expressed in the dinamyc yet refined movements showing preparation for dressing and applying make up.

Wira Pertiwi dance

Created of Bagong Kussudiardja from Jogyakarta, The dance picture a group of young women practising combat exercises. The movement of the dance illustrated those of women soldiers alert and dinamyc in carrying out their duties. Typical attitude pf soldiers who are not willing surrender to defend the country.

Kandagan dance

From West Java. kandagan is a box used by aristocratic families to keep jewellery, weapon, and other precious object. This dance is saturated wit artistic movements which now contitute the basis of contemporary dances of West Java.


~ by antiyank on March 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “SINOPSIS NOMOR TARI”

  1. Thanks kakak. Postingannya udah bantuin aku untuk nyelesaiin tugas bahasa inggris di sekolah 😀

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